Alexandra Coman

"Alexandra Coman has a beautiful voice of a brilliant quality and a very special color." Luciano Pavarotti

"Alexandra Coman is an exceptional talent and I am honored to share the same scene with her. Alexandra is a very beautiful lady, a very talented artist and I foresee an extraordinary career for her. ” José Carreras

"In the field of stage presence, the undoubted charm of the young soprano is remarkable, capitalizing with distinction and elegance a presence whose beauty undoubtedly corresponds to the criteria required of a movie star. However, although the appearance is positively shocking in its imagistic value, Alexandra Coman convinces the audience with her vocal and theatrical evolution. The mastery of the registers, the safety of the high notes, the brightness and volume of the voice and the expressive intentions communicated through the song-text mix are remarkable. ” Prof. Univ. Dr. Grigore Constantinescu

Alexandra Coman was born in Bucharest, studied for two years at the University of Music in Vienna in the class of Professor Helga Wagner and graduated from the National University of Music in Bucharest, in the class of Professor Maria Hurduc.